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Transform Your Space with DIY Roller Blinds

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Exceptionally Affordable Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are affordably priced without compromising on quality. By operating nationwide, we can offer competitive rates by selling directly to you online. This means higher volumes and savings passed on to you, as you buy directly from the factory without retail markups.

With our DIY approach, you save on installation, measuring, and consultant fees. No hidden commissions or added costs.

Discover instant pricing for all our products by simply entering your measurements on our roller blind product pages.

Straightforward DIY Process, Exceptional Service

Our products are designed for easy customisation, delivery, and installation.

Learning to DIY can significantly reduce your overall expenses.

Eliminate middlemen, sales commissions, and overheads typical of traditional retail.

Enjoy savings of up to 70% off RRP’s in just four simple steps!

1. Decide

Choose Blinds Online

Explore our website, select your favorites, and request complimentary samples at no cost.

2. Measure

Measure Window Blinds

Follow our simple video and text-based measurement guidelines. It’ll only require a few minutes of your time.

3. Order

Ship Window Furnishings

Utilise our intuitive website to customise and order your roller blinds. Simply input your specifications, and we’ll handle the rest – delivering straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia!

4. Install

Install Curtains and Blinds

Review our user-friendly installation guidelines to have your stunning new roller blinds mounted in minutes. You’ll be amazed at how quick and effortless the entire process can be.

Measuring for your roller blinds couldn’t be simpler.

Face Mount Measuring

Inside Mount Measuring

*Note: Instructions listed on this page are not listed in full. Please follow the complete instructions on our measuring page before ordering.

View measuring page


45+ Years of Factory Experience Crafting Roller Blinds

Discover More About Us:
– Australian-Made Roller Blinds
– Handcrafted Quality
– 5-Year Warranty
– Complimentary Samples
– With over 45 years of manufacturing expertise, we deliver only the finest custom-made roller blinds
– Over 98% of our customers rate us as excellent

Excellence in Manufacturing Standards

Our factory employs advanced crush cut and ultrasonic machinery for fabric cuts, ensuring impeccable finishing on your roller blinds and preventing edge fraying.

Extensive Customisation Options

Tailor your roller blinds to your exact preferences. Additionally, explore our exclusive range of unique add-ons. Visit our product pages or scroll below to discover more.

Opt for chain, motorised, or cordless variants. Enjoy one of the widest fabric selections. Select between flat or ellipse base rails, and benefit from rubber stoppers on the base rails’ back, safeguarding your window frames.

Crush & Ultrasonic cutting machines prevent fabric fraying along the edges.

Premium Anti-Pucker Aluminium Roller Blind Base Rails

Our roller blinds showcase an exclusive ellipse (larger than oval) base rail profile meticulously crafted to eradicate puckering at the bottom edge of the blind. With eight distinct colors available, you can effortlessly coordinate them with your room’s fabric and decor palette.

Alternatively, our flat design is offered in three popular colors: anodised, black, and white.

Optional Rubber Inserts

Both of our bottom rail designs offer an optional rubber insert at the back, designed to dampen any noise generated when they come into contact with the window or frame. This often occurs when opening windows for fresh air or during regular operation. Additionally, it helps prevent scuffing or scratching of your architraves. This is a low cost solution that we offer, that others pay a premium for to get with aftermarket products, and other suppliers simply do not incorporate.

Endless customisation: Choose between Metal or Plastic chains. Plastic chains are available in four colors: White, Birch, Beige, or Black. For those residing in coastal areas, we also offer a stainless steel chain upgrade to prevent rust.


Blindware has spent the past 10 years focusing on innovation- creating the best blind systems, the quality speaks for itself. SunBoss, designed in Australia by Blindware, reinvents the roller blind system. Smoother, quieter clutches and a wide range of modular components provide a superior user experience.

Advanced Roller Blind Clutches

Just as the heart is essential to the body, the clutch is crucial to the roller blind. SunBoss serves as that vital component. With its array of advanced features, SunBoss sets itself apart from any other roller blind clutch on the market.

The SunBoss clutch stands out for its exceptional qualities. With smoother, quieter operation and enhanced stability within the brackets, it sets a new standard for performance. Designed to withstand the test of time, our roller blind clutches are built to last a lifetime.

• Versatility: Choose between direct drive clutches for everyday use or geared clutches for larger blinds. Our geared clutch incorporates innovative Hard Core metal core technology, ensuring smoother, quieter, and more durable performance over the long term.

• Smooth, Quiet, Reliable: We’ve removed the chain guard to enhance performance, minimise noise, and reduce transit damage.

• Durability and Strength: Crafted from UV-stabilised, glass-filled nylon, our clutches are built to endure. Inside the direct drive clutches, multiple small springs made from square profile wire provide robust braking action with minimal effort.

For added safety, child safety clips are provided to tension the chains, ensuring compliance with Australian child safety laws and preventing the formation of loops greater than 220mm when installed correctly.

Cordless roller blinds featuring ZeroGravity technology

Introducing pioneering spring mechanisms for effortless operation, even with the largest blinds. Designed for balance and weightless functionality, our roller blinds remain perfectly in place wherever you position them, unlike older-style spring pull-down blinds. Choose between cordless or fully automatic roller blinds for complete peace of mind and enhanced safety for your children.

Roller Blinds Available with Interest-Free Financing

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PayPal pay in 4

Purchase your roller blinds with our widely favored interest-free options. Why delay? Enjoy instant approval for up to $6,000 with Zip Money. For smaller amounts, consider Zip Pay or Afterpay. Alternatively, opt for PayPal’s Pay in 4 option.

Premium Roller Blind Fabrics

Choose from our extensive range of over 150 fabrics, ensuring you’ll discover the perfect fit for your rooms. Our fabrics adhere to the Building Code of Australia requirements for Class 2 to 9 (a) buildings and are tested to AS 1530 Part III standards.

Explore a diverse selection of textured, screen, and budget-friendly fabrics, including PVC/Lead-Free options. Most fabrics are suitable for large width windows, accommodating widths up to 3000mm (3 meters).

The majority of our fabrics boast Greenguard Gold certification, accredited for use in sensitive areas such as schools and healthcare facilities. Tested against California section 01359 for low chemical emissions (VOCs), these fabrics are ideal for individuals with asthma.

To ensure the perfect color match, we offer complimentary samples for your convenience.

block out roller blinds fabrics

What others are saying about our roller blinds…

Automated Roller Blinds

Discover the ease and versatility of our motorised roller blinds. Experience the convenience of cordless options and the seamless automation of your entire home. Our battery-operated blind motors are designed to effortlessly power roller blinds of any size, making them perfect for DIY installation without the need for an electrician.

In addition to cordless solutions, we offer hardwired options that can be controlled via remote or our smart blinds home hub. With this advanced system, you can operate your blinds from anywhere in the world or directly through your phone app via WiFi.

For a truly futuristic experience, our blinds are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing for effortless voice control throughout your home.

Furthermore, our C-BUS motorised system integrates seamlessly into existing home automation setups, catering to those with custom homes.

Enhanced Tubes and Gear Drives

For blinds wider than 2100mm, enjoy a complimentary upgrade to the 50mm tube. Additionally, for widths exceeding 2500mm, our upgraded gear drive clutch ensures effortless rolling of larger roller blinds, thanks to stronger gear ratios and lifting power. The larger 50mm tubes guarantee that blinds remain straight without bowing or sagging, even at longer lengths. Sourced from local aluminum suppliers, our robust roller blind tubes are resistant to rust, corrosion, and bowing.

Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade to larger tubes for your smaller blinds, ensuring a uniform appearance throughout the room.

Versatile Mounting Brackets

Easily install your brackets with the option for top or side fixing. Customise your blinds with optional end bracket covers, enhancing the aesthetics of your face-mounted roller blinds. Available in various colors to complement your brackets.

roller blind brackets
roller blind fascia

Roller Blind Fascias & Pelmets

Conceal roller blind hardware with our stylish aluminium fascias or opt for our customisable pelmets. Choose from four stunning colors or fabric-wrapped options. Available in square profiles of 75mm and 100mm, as well as curved designs.

double roller blinds brackets

Dual Roller Blinds

Merge two fabrics onto a single, innovative ultra-slim bracket for versatile day and night privacy.

double roller blinds, dual roller blinds, day night roller blinds, day and night roller blinds

Delivering your roller blinds Australia wide

Choose between your choice of Fabric Type…

Blockout Roller Blinds

Roller Blockout

The Blockout fabric fully obstructs light and also offers thermal insulation. Perfect for ensuring complete nighttime privacy, especially in bedrooms to deter unwanted glances and to mitigate disturbances from the early morning sun. Blockout stands as our top-selling fabric choice.

Sun Screen Roller Blinds

Roller Sunscreen

The Sunscreen fabric reduces light and heat intensity while preserving visibility. Depending on the fabric selected, it blocks over 95% of harmful UV rays, safeguarding your furniture and floors. Sunscreen provides effective daytime privacy, preventing outsiders from seeing inside unless there are lights turned on.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Roller Light Filter

Light Filtering provides excellent daytime privacy by obscuring the view while allowing ample light to enter and illuminate the room. However, it’s not recommended for nighttime privacy as silhouettes may be visible when lights are on indoors.

Extra-wide 3m roller blinds

Our fabrics are obtainable in extended widths straight off the roll. Our roller blinds can span from bracket to bracket up to 3000mm in width (and some up to 3200mm), making them ideal for covering expansive windows or sliding doors.

Streamlined Solutions: Explore Our Linked Blinds

For covering expansive widths, our linked blinds system offers an ideal solution. Linked blinds minimise gaps between roller blinds by using a single joiner bracket and fewer deductions for mechanisms since there is no need to account for chain drives. One blind can control up to two others, or they can operate independently. Opting for motorised roller blinds with a linked blind setup allows one motor to control multiple blinds, reducing costs.

For those seeking a seamless look without any gaps, explore our other products. We frequently provide long-length verticals, curtains, and panel blinds, which are popular for sliding doors spanning large widths.


Enclosed Cassette Roller Blinds

Require complete blackout? Look no further. Our fully enclosed cassette system is perfect for media rooms, shift workers, children’s rooms/nurseries, and bedrooms.

Featuring an enclosed headbox, side channels, and bottom channel, our cassette roller blinds ensure 100% blackout.

This system is also compatible with our linked blinds configuration.

Compact Roller Blinds for Doors, Caravans, or Compact Living Spaces

Utilising our mini 32mm clutch and tubes, you can effortlessly install roller blinds directly onto doors, enhancing aesthetics to the fullest. Small and charming, they’re the ideal choice for these specific applications. Additionally, they’re a perfect fit for tiny homes, compact areas like ensuites, boats, or caravans. Please indicate your preference for the mini system at checkout.

Here are some key dimensions:

• Bracket Width: 35mm
• Bracket Projections: 40mm
• Chain Drive Width: 40mm
• Tube Width: 32mm
• Colors Available: White, Black, Birch White

mini roller blind

Frequently Asked Questions about Roller Blinds

Certainly! Our instructions are simple to follow, typically requiring only 10-30 minutes per order. All you’ll need are a pen, tape measure, and a drill with a 3mm Phillips head. You can find our comprehensive installation instructions here.

It’ll just require a few moments.

First, refer to our straightforward measuring videos and/or written instructions here: How to Measure

Next, gather a tape measure, pen, and notepad, and you’re all set.

Should you have any inquiries, we’re available to assist.

At present, we exclusively offer indoor roller blinds for sale.

Yes, they certainly can. We offer a dedicated miniature 32mm tube system designed specifically for this application, which is also suitable for tiny homes, caravans, and RVs. Simply indicate your preference for these mini clutch and tubes in the checkout notes.

Alternatively, you can explore our linked blinds setup, which allows you to connect multiple roller blinds to cover larger widths, ideal for placing over sliding doors. For more options for covering sliding doors, you can also visit our blog post.

For an instant price quote, visit our roller blind product page here. If you’re interested in double roller blinds, you can find them on this page. Simply input your measurements and click calculate.

Roller blinds are among our most cost-effective offerings, particularly when self-installed. Prices can vary significantly based on your chosen fabric range and size.

At My Direct Blinds, DIY installation can save you a substantial amount on installer fees. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics and colors to suit your budget. Custom-made blinds are now more affordable with My Direct Blinds.

Here are some examples of our budget fabric:

• 2000 x 2000 mm: $183

The price of your roller blind will depend on whether you opt for budget range fabric, textured, or screen fabric. Additionally, options like double roller blinds and other add-ons we offer will impact the total cost.

Ready-Made vs. Custom-Made Roller Blinds

While ready-made products may be cheaper, they often don’t fit window interiors well, leading to large light gaps. Our custom-made products are crafted to a higher standard, ensuring longevity and a perfect fit. Strong tubes prevent fabric sagging, and well-designed base rails keep the fabric taut. Installing within the window recess usually yields a more aesthetic outcome, which isn’t easily achieved with ready-made products. Our custom-made roller blinds are precision cut with crush cut and ultrasonic machines to prevent fraying of edges, a common issue with ready-made blinds. For more details, see the section below on “What’s the difference between ready-made and custom-made roller blinds?”

Extensive Customisation

Our custom-made blinds offer a wide range of additional features not available in ready-made products. Tailor your blinds to your exact preferences.

Holland blinds, also known as Roller Blinds, are essentially the same product.

The term ‘Scotch Holland Roller Blinds’ traces its origins back to the early 1700s in Scotland. Initially crafted from linen sourced from the Netherlands, these blinds were later manufactured in Glasgow by James Louis Robertson and John King, hence the name ‘Scotch Holland.’

The early versions of these roller blinds lacked a spring mechanism. Instead, the fabric would fold on the window ledge when closed. To open the blind, one would pull a cord attached to a top rod. The open blind could then be secured by winding the cord around a cleat.

Roller blinds offer a convenient means of regulating room temperature. For optimal insulation, we suggest opting for blockout roller blinds, which serve as an effective barrier. These blinds reflect heat outdoors, aiding in maintaining a cool interior during summer and retaining warmth in winter.

Determining where to mount your blind is not always a matter of personal preference, there are definitely plenty of practical reasons to consider when making your choice. Is Blocking Light more Important in certain rooms? Appearance? Will it Fit? Here’s what you need to know to help you decide.

Recess Mount Inside Mount

Recess Fit

  • Give your window a clean, simple look
  • Streamline a row of windows, helps windows appear slimmer and more discreet
  • Highlight attractive Window Moldings (Architraves)
  • Most popular & recommended way to Install Roller Blinds
Face Mount Outside Mount Fit

Face Fit

  • Minimise light gaps offering better privacy
  • Make your window appear larger
  • Hide windows that are crooked or unattractive
  • Clear obstructions in the window recess like winders, knobs, etc that would interfere with an Inside mounting Blind (Depth requirements can be found on Measuring Page)

Light Gaps When Recess Mounting

Another thing to consider when Recess Mounting a Roller Blind is that there is generally a small light gap of around 15-20mm on each side of the window opening to the side of the cloth to accommodate for the brackets and mechanisms.

If light gaps are not acceptable for you, consider these options in spaces like Bedrooms, and Theater Rooms where you would prefer the most blockout:

  • Adding drapery to cover the light gaps
  • Choosing a Face Fit Roller Blind

Under Roll (Standard)

This is the most common option where the fabric rolls back, having it as close to the glass as possible. Having it roll this way will block the most amount of light and afford the most privacy.

The downside for an Under Roll is that the roll and hardware show – a look some people don’t like. If you choose a fabric with a coloured backing this would show at the top of the roll, although most of our fabrics have same colour backing or a colour coordinated backing. The ? Tooltip associated with each fabric range will show what colour the backing is. If you are using a fabric with a white coloured backing, there are some remedies such as Over Rolling (Reverse Rolling) your blind, or ordering one of our custom made pelmets as this provides a more finished look.

Over Roll (Reverse Roll)

A Over Roll or Reverse Roll, is where the fabric comes over the front of the roller so you do not see it around the tubing, it creates a more finished look. The Over Roll is also good for clearing an obstruction, like a window crank or door handle because it pushes the fabric away from the glass.

Over Rolls are also used for fabrics that have two different colours on each side, as you will not see the fabric backing on the top of the tube.

Because having an Over Roll pushes the fabric away from the window glass, for Face Mounts specifically you should consider under rolling (standard)

Since your roller blinds are tailored to your specifications, there is a lead time before they can be dispatched to you.

This timeframe typically ranges from 12 to 20 working days. Please note that this does not include transit time after dispatch by the freight carriers.

Choosing the right window coverings for your home isn’t as easy as it sounds. The question is, do you buy ready made roller blinds right off the shelf, or go with custom made roller blinds blinds that are made to measure?

When it comes to choosing between custom made blinds and ready made blinds, My Direct Blinds know a thing or two about making the right decision to suit your needs. We’ll provide you with an overview of the pros and cons of custom made blinds versus ready made blinds, so you can be more informed about which option is best for you.

The pros of custom made blinds

Custom made roller blinds offer many benefits, including:

  • They are customised to perfectly fit to your window. To fit your roller blind within your window opening is considered a more aesthetic choice as it displays the decorative window trims. To get the same look with a ready made roller blind you’ll likely need to have it cut down – which has drawbacks in itself. If you choose to cut down a ready made roller blinds, the edges will fray as they’ve not been professionally cut. If you manage to fit it inside, you’ll likely have larger light gaps on the edges as ready made blinds are not made to fit exactly. Window sizes can vary quite a bit.
  • Custom made blinds are manufactured to Australian Safety Standards, which will ensure protection for you and your family.
  • Most of our fabrics feature GreenGuard Gold certifications and are tested to Australian standards, making them great for asthmatics as they will emit less VOCs when compared to ready made roller blinds.
  • My Direct Blinds has on offer many different choices of fabrics to better customise your roller blinds and this will ensure you get the best look for your home. We only offer premium components that come with a 5 year warranty.
  • You’ll be able to see free samples of the colour and texture in your own home before purchasing, making sure the style fits with the rest of your home décor.
  • Custom made blinds are high quality and durable and come with a guarantee for installation and material with 5 years.
  • Custom roller blinds come with a wide range of options, so you can tailor your choice to suit your personal preferences. Customizable options include UV blocking aka sunscreen fabric, blockout, light filtering fabrics, mechanical controlling via chain or cordless options, programmable timers via smart hub motorisation options, voice controlled blinds, rubber inserts on base rails, larger tube upgrades, chain upgrades and a massive range of colours and textures in not only the fabrics available but also the components and base rails. We only use Australian engineered components, that are simply put much more sturdy and long lasting.
  • They can be made to fit any dimension, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right fit for your excessively large or small windows.
  • The price point of our custom made blinds is not too different from ready made roller blinds.

The cons of custom made blinds

The only con to keep in mind when choosing custom made blinds is that it’s a more time-consuming process. You will need to allow time to choose your design then await the manufacture and installation of your blinds. With My Direct Blinds this is typically a 12-20 working day process.

The pros of ready-made blinds

Buying ready made blinds offers several benefits, including:

  • Ready made blinds are quick and easy to find and buy. All you need to do is go to a blind store, find the ones you like that fit your requirements and you can purchase them instantly.
  • You can install ready made blinds yourself, which means you can put them up as soon as you’ve bought them home. However keep in mind, that you shouldn’t skimp on your home – ready made blinds often have a tacky feel to them. ‘You get what you pay for’
  • They often present a slightly cheaper option, although My Direct Blinds offers custom blinds at factory direct prices for a more affordable customised option.

The cons of ready-made blinds

The cons associated with buying ready made blinds are significant, mainly:

  • You are limited in the size and style you can select. If a shop doesn’t have the colour, size or texture you like, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to either accept blinds that aren’t completely to your liking or continue hunting until you find a store that sells the right blinds, which can be a lengthy and frustrating process.
  • Quality is not assured with readymade blinds, so you can never be fully confident that the product you’re receiving will last.
  • Aesthetically & functionally, they are often inferior, the fabric may V or fade in a short period of time. The base rails are often small round tubes without enough weight in them to keep your fabric properly taught. Over time the fabric will pucker as the base rail design is inferior.
  • Fabrics are often cheaper, and thinner – may emit harmful VOC’s. There are no standards to adhere to when the blinds are made overseas.
  • Fabric edges may begin to fray, as they could be cut down locally or not cut from the factory with the right technology.

Our verdict – Which is the better choice?

When considering the pros and cons of both custom made and ready made blinds, choosing custom blinds is the clear winner. Custom made blinds can be a little pricier and you have to wait a bit longer, but this process ensures you do it right once and don’t have to think about it again, and in our view the price point is not vastly different. The result will be a high-quality product that perfectly fits your window, using a texture and colour you love that compliments the rest of your home design.

Purchasing ready made roller blinds from Bunnings or Spotlight for the most part is an inferior solution for your window coverings as outlined above. Although these stores both also sell custom made roller blinds, we’re able to beat them on price, quality, and customisation.

Yes. All of our blinds are Australian made, and are manufactured locally in Melbourne. With the exception of our Plantation Shutters.

Roller blinds are typically assembled in approximately 10-15 minutes due to their manufacturing process. Labor costs constitute a small portion of the overall product cost, making locally produced blinds often comparable or even cheaper to manufacture when factoring in international shipping expenses. This is why many window furnishings are still manufactured in Australia.

By choosing Australian-made blinds, you’re not only supporting local employment but also keeping the money circulating within our economy instead of abroad.

Additionally, there are other advantages. For instance, if any issues arise with your blinds, they can be promptly addressed within a few business days, unlike the potentially lengthy wait times associated with overseas-made blinds.

Lastly, overseas-made roller blinds typically have a delivery time of 7 weeks or more, whereas locally made blinds offer a shorter turnaround time.

Our roller blinds are crafted from scratch, precisely tailored to your measurements. We do not simply cut down ready-made blinds or offer them for sale, as we believe they provide an inferior solution.

For further information on DIY, you can refer to Wikipedia.

The abbreviation stands for “Do it yourself” or ‘DIY’, commonly associated with consumers engaging in home improvement and maintenance tasks. It entails individuals undertaking various home improvement and craft projects as both a recreational and cost-effective endeavor.

Regarding our roller blinds, DIY entails measuring and installing the blinds yourself instead of relying on a company to do it for you.

By taking the DIY approach, you can save on the expenses associated with professional measurement and installation services. It’s a straightforward process, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Our blinds are designed for easy measurement and installation, requiring no professional expertise.


!5 year Warranty



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