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Find out why we sell the best custom made roller blinds in Australia

Delivering to your door country wide!


Combine dual fabrics onto one new ultra slimline compact double roller blind bracket for day and night time privacy. Have the best of both worlds, privacy or blockout whenever you need it most.

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blockout + sunscreen roller blind


Choose from over 150 different fabrics. There’s almost a limitless amount of colour and fabric combinations you can combine onto the same double brackets.


Available in five popular colours, you’ll be able to match your fabric and interiors better. At a 90mm projection with the blinds are on the brackets, you’ll be able to fit them within most window recesses. The slimline projection will make your blinds more aesthetic when face fitted as they protrude into your room less than any of our competitors.

double roller blinds brackets


Ensure you achieve the best light block with our completely customisable brackets. Have the fabric sit the closest to the glass where possible with multiple configurations to accommodate your windows.


Our roller blinds are seriously cheap. But that doesn’t mean you get less than what you pay for.

We’re able to offer you such industry breaking pricing on our blinds because we sell Australia wide. Being an online company we’re able to sell higher volumes, and we pass those savings onto you. You’re also buying direct from the factory with no associated retail markup.

With DIY, you’ll save on installation and measuring fees, plus call out fees from sales consultants who will often include their commissions in the final cost of the product.



All of our products are easy to design, deliver and install.

By learning how to DIY, you can save a fortune on your final costs.

Cut out middlemen, sales people, and overheads associated with brick and mortal retail.

Save up to 70% off RRP’s in four easy steps!

1. Decide

Choose Blinds Online

Search our website, pick out what you love and order totally FREE samples.

2. Measure

Measure Window Blinds

Follow our easy video and text measurement instructions. It only takes a few minutes.

3. Order

Ship Window Furnishings

Use our clever website to order and configure your roller blinds. Enter your details and you’re away. We’ll deliver right to your doorstep anywhere in Australia!

4. Install

Install Curtains and Blinds

Check our easy to follow installation instructions to have your beautiful new roller blinds up in minutes. You’ll be surprised just how fast and easy the whole process is.


Face Mount Measuring

Inside Mount Measuring

*Note: Instructions listed on this page are not listed in full. Please follow the complete instructions on our measuring page before ordering.

View measuring page




  • Australian made roller blinds
  • Hand Crafted
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Free samples
  • Factory with over 45 years manufacturing experience, only the highest quality custom made roller blinds
  • Over 98% rate us as excellent


Our factory is heavily invested into crush cut and ultrasonic machinery for use during fabric cuts. This ensures the highest standard finish on your roller blinds, combating edge fraying.


Completely customise your roller blinds the way YOU want. We also offer a range of add on’s unique to us. Check out the product pages or further below to see what all the fuss is about.

Choose from chain, motorisation, or cordless options. We have one of the largest fabric ranges on the net. You have the option of flat or ellipse base rails, as well as a rubber stoppers on the back of the base rails to help protect your windows.

Crush & Ultrasonic cutting machines help to eliminate the chance of fabric fraying on the edges


Our roller blinds feature a special ellipse (larger than oval) base rail profile that is specially designed to help eliminate puckering at the bottom of the blind. Our ellipse base rails are available in eight different colours that you will be able to co ordinate with whatever fabric and colours your rooms feature.

Alternatively, we have our flat design available in our three most popular colours – anodised, black and white.


Both of our bottom rail designs feature an optional rubber insert at the back to absorb the intrusive sound they make when they bump the window or frame, this is prone to happen when opening a window for fresh air or even just when winding them up and down. It will also prevent scuffing or scratching of your architraves during normal usage. This is a low cost solution that we offer, that others pay a premium for to get with aftermarket products, and other suppliers simply do not incorporate.

Endless customisation: choose between Metal or Plastic chains. Plastic chains come in four colours: White, Birch, Beige or Black. We also offer a stainless steel chain upgrade for those in coastal areas, to prevent rust.


Blindware has spent the past 10 years focusing on innovation- creating the best blind systems, the quality speaks for itself. SunBoss, designed in Australia by Blindware, reinvents the roller blind system. Smoother, quieter clutches and a wide range of modular components provide a superior user experience.

Roller Blind Clutches

We all know that the body does not function without the heart. The clutch is the heart of the roller blind. SunBoss is that heart. It boasts many advanced features that make it different to any roller blind clutch you have ever seen before.

The SunBoss clutch is truly different. Smoother, quieter and more stable in the brackets, SunBoss raises the bar on performance. The roller blind clutches are designed to last a lifetime.

Versatile. Direct drive clutches for everyday use and geared clutches for larger blinds. The geared clutch utilises unique HardCore metal core technology that surrounds the core of the clutch to make it smoother, quieter and more durable for the long term. 

Smooth, quiet, reliable. We’ve eliminated the chain guard for smoother and quieter performance and less damage in transit.

Durability and strength. Our clutches are made using UV stabilised, glass-filled nylon. Inside the direct drive clutches are multiple small springs, made using square profile wire. These springs have more contact with the core, creating stronger braking effect, but with less effort needed to operate.

Child safety clips will be provided to tension the chains so no loops greater than 220mm can form when installed correctly, in accordance with the child safety laws of Australia.


A world first technology in spring mechanisms that makes operating even the largest blind effortless. Balanced by design, weightless by operation. The roller blind will stay perfectly put wherever you leave it unlike the older style spring pull down blinds. Take your pick between cordless or even fully automatic roller blinds for complete peace of mind and safety for your children.


Badge_300 x 135_Main@2x

Buy your roller blinds with our popular interest free methods. Why wait? You’re able to get instant approval of up to $6,000 with Zip Money. Or lesser amounts with Zip Pay or Afterpay. Or choose pay in 4 with PayPal.


  • Choose from over 150 different fabrics, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your rooms
  • Fabrics comply with Building Code of Australia requirements for Class 2 to 9 (a) buildings. Tested to AS 1530 Part III
  • Large range of textured, screen and also budget fabrics
  • PVC / Lead Free fabric ranges available
  • Most fabrics suited to large width windows, with a width up to 3000mm (3 meters).
  • Most of our fabrics feature a Greenguard Gold certification – accredited for use in sensitive areas eg. schools and healthcare
    facilities (tested against California section 01359 for low chemical emissions (VOCs)).  Making them great for asthmatics. 
  • We offer free samples so you can be sure that the colour is right for you.
block out roller blinds fabrics

What others are saying about our double roller blinds…


Not only do we offer cordless options, you can now automate your entire home with ease. We offer battery operated blind motors that can power any sized roller blind, perfect for DIY installations as you will not need an electrician to install them.

We also have hardwired options. You’re able to lift them with either a remote control, or via our smart blinds home hub.

With this system you can operate your blinds anywhere in the world or via wifi straight from your phone app.

For those who want a truly futuristic experience you can hook them up to Amazon Alexa or Google Home! This will allow you to control your blinds by voice control anywhere in your home.

Lastly, we also have a C-BUS motorised system that can integrate into existing home automation systems for those with custom homes.


On blinds over 2100mm in width, we’ll upgrade you FREE to the 50mm tube and stronger gear drive clutch. The gear drive clutch will allow you to roll your larger roller blinds up with ease due to the stronger gear ratio’s and lifting power. Our larger 50mm tubes will ensure the blinds will not bow at long lengths and prevent sagging or V’ing of the fabric at larger widths. Our strong roller blind tubes are sourced from local aluminium suppliers, and will not rust, corrode or bow. You also have the choice to upgrade to the larger tubes on your smaller blinds so you can have all blinds in the same room match.


Top fix or side fix your brackets for easy installation. Take your pick with optional end bracket covers for added aesthetics on your face mounted roller blinds, available in several colours to match your brackets.

roller blind fascia


Hide the roller blind hardware with our decorative aluminium fascia’s or even choose from our custom pelmets. Available in four great colours, or fabric wrapped. Our double roller blind fascia’s are available for face fitted blinds in a curved profile.

Delivering your double roller blinds Australia wide

Choose between your choice of Fabric Type…

Blockout Roller Blinds

Roller Blockout

Blockout completely blocks all light from passing through the material, as well as some heat. Ideal for complete night time privacy, great for bedrooms to stop prying eyes and where the early rising sun may stop you from getting a full nights rest. Blockout is our most popular fabric type sold.

Sun Screen Roller Blinds

Roller Sunscreen

Sunscreen will block the intensity of the light and heat coming through whilst still maintaining a view. Depending on the fabric chosen over 95% of harmful UV rays are blocked protecting your furniture and floors. Sunscreen offers great day time privacy, people are unable to see in from the outside unless there are lights on inside.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Roller Light Filter

Light Filtering offers great day time privacy and blocks the view whilst still allowing most of the light in to brighten the room. Light Filtering is not suitable for night time privacy as it’s possible to make out silhouettes if the lights are on inside.


Our fabrics are available off the roll in long widths. Our roller blinds can be made bracket to bracket up to 3000mm in width (and some up to 3200mm). Great for covering those larger windows or even slider doors.


For those looking to cover longer widths than this, which is quite often – feel free to utilise our linked blinds setup. Linked blinds will minimise the gaps between the roller blinds by utilising a single joiner bracket and less deductions for the mechanisms as there is no chain drive to account for. One blind can control up to two other blinds, or they can be controlled independently. You’re able to choose to motorise your roller blinds with a linked blind set up, where one motor can control multiple blinds to save on costs.

For those that do not want any gaps, then feel free to utilise our other products, we regularly send out long length verticals and panel blinds that are popular for sliding doors that span large widths.


A double roller blind is where you combine two single roller blinds onto the one bracket in the same window. One roller blind will feature a blockout fabric for the night time or when the sun is intense and you need privacy. The other roller blind will have a translucent or screen fabric for day time privacy. This is also where they get the term “Day and Night roller blinds”

We think double roller blinds are perfect for insulating during the winter or summer alike. You’re able to combine a thermally-insulating blockout fabric roller blind, with either a light filtering or sunscreen roller blind. Having two layers of fabric will mean you’ll have more protection from the outside when both blinds are down, better preventing heat from entering your home during the summer and heat from escaping during the winter when compared to just one roller blind.

Yes, we’ve got easy to follow instructions and they usually only take about 10-30 minutes per order. All you’ll need is a pen, tape measure, and a drill with a 3mm Phillips head. View our full installation instructions here.

It’ll only take a few minutes.

First, check out our simple measuring videos and/or text instructions here:  How to Measure

After that, grab a tape measure, pen and pad and you’re ready to go.

If you have any questions, we’re also here to help.

We are currently only selling indoor roller blinds.

Yes they can, we even have a special miniature 32mm tube system specially built for this purpose, and is also great for mini homes or caravans and RV’s. You’ll have to specify that you are wanting these mini clutch and tubes at the checkout notes.

Alternatively you are able to take advantage of our linked blinds set up and join multiple roller blinds for spanning greater widths, such as for placing over sliding doors. Or if you are after other products for placing over sliding doors check out our blog post here.

To get an instant price, head over to our roller blind product page here. For double roller blinds, visit this page. Simply enter your measurements and hit calculate.

Roller blinds are the most affordable product we have on offer, especially when you install them yourself. The cost will vary heavily depending on what fabric range and size you select.

By learning to DIY at My Direct Blinds, you can save yourself a small fortune on installer costs. Take your pick from hundreds of different fabrics and colour options. You’ll easily find something to suit your budget, with My Direct Blinds, custom made blinds are now affordable.

Here are some examples in our budget fabric:

2000 x 2000 mm: $166

The price of your roller blind will usually depend on whether you are after a budget range fabric, textured or screen fabric. All will vary in cost, or if you are opting for double roller blinds. Any other additions such as motorisation and other extras we have on offer will also add to this cost.

Ready Made vs Custom Made Roller Blinds

If you’re after a cheap ready made product, chances are they will not fit the internal of your window well, and you will likely have to settle for large light gaps. With our custom made products – the quality in general is of a higher standard. Our products are built to last and custom made to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Fitting within the window recess usually offers a much more aesthetic outcome, something you’re not able to easily do with ready made products.

Another downside to ready made roller blinds are that, if you have to cut them down, the edges are much more likely to begin fraying as they will not be cut with our specialised machines using ultrasonic or crush cut technology to help eliminate this from happening.

High Degree of Customisation

With our custom made blinds, all of the extras we offer will not be available in a ready made product. Create your blinds just the way you like them.

Holland blinds are the same product, it’s just another name for Roller Blinds.

Scotch Holland Roller Blinds originated in the early 1700s, in Scotland. They were originally made from Holland linen, which (obviously) came from the Netherlands. This fabric was then produced in Glasgow, by James Louis Robertson and John King, hence the name ‘Scotch Holland.’

The first roller blinds made from this Scotch Holland linen did not have a spring mechanism. Instead, when the blind was closed, the fabric lay in folds on the window ledge. To open the blind, you had to pull on a cord which was attached to a top rod. To secure the open blind, you wound the cord around a cleat.

Roller blinds are an easy way to control the temperature in your room. We recommend a block out roller blind, as they will provide the best barrier.  The heat will be reflected back outside. It’ll help keep your home cool in the winter, and the heat out during the summer.

Determining where to mount your blind is not always a matter of personal preference, there are definitely plenty of practical reasons to consider when making your choice. Is Blocking Light more Important in certain rooms? Appearance? Will it Fit? Here’s what you need to know to help you decide.

Recess Mount Inside Mount

Recess Fit

  • Give your window a clean, simple look
  • Streamline a row of windows, helps windows appear slimmer and more discreet
  • Highlight attractive Window Moldings (Architraves)
  • Most popular & recommended way to Install Roller Blinds
Face Mount Outside Mount Fit

Face Fit

  • Minimise light gaps offering better privacy
  • Make your window appear larger
  • Hide windows that are crooked or unattractive
  • Clear obstructions in the window recess like winders, knobs, etc that would interfere with an Inside mounting Blind (Depth requirements can be found on Measuring Page)

Light Gaps When Recess Mounting

Another thing to consider when Recess Mounting a Roller Blind is that there is generally a small light gap of around 15-20mm on each side of the window opening to the side of the cloth to accommodate for the brackets and mechanisms.

If light gaps are not acceptable for you, consider these options in spaces like Bedrooms, and Theater Rooms where you would prefer the most blockout:

  • Adding drapery to cover the light gaps
  • Choosing a Face Fit Roller Blind

Under Roll (Standard)

This is the most common option where the fabric rolls back, having it as close to the glass as possible. Having it roll this way will block the most amount of light and afford the most privacy.

The downside for an Under Roll is that the roll and hardware show – a look some people don’t like. If you choose a fabric with a coloured backing this would show at the top of the roll, although most of our fabrics have same colour backing or a colour coordinated backing. The ? Tooltip associated with each fabric range will show what colour the backing is. If you are using a fabric with a white coloured backing, there are some remedies such as Over Rolling (Reverse Rolling) your blind, or ordering one of our custom made pelmets as this provides a more finished look.

Over Roll (Reverse Roll)

A Over Roll or Reverse Roll, means the fabric comes over the front of the roller so you do not see it around the tubing, it creates a more finished look. The Over Roll is also good for clearing an obstruction, like a window crank or door handle because it pushes the fabric away from the glass.

Over Rolls are also used for fabrics that have two different colours on each side.

Because having an Over Roll pushes the fabric away from the window glass, for Face Mounts specifically you should consider under rolling (standard)

Because your roller blinds are custom made they do have a lead time associated with them before we can send them out to you.

That will vary but generally is anywhere between 12-20 working days before we can dispatch them to you. This will not include transit time after dispatch by the freight carriers.

Choosing the right window coverings for your home isn’t as easy as it sounds. The question is, do you buy ready made roller blinds right off the shelf, or go with custom made roller blinds blinds that are made to measure?

When it comes to choosing between custom made blinds and ready made blinds, My Direct Blinds know a thing or two about making the right decision to suit your needs. We’ll provide you with an overview of the pros and cons of custom made blinds versus ready made blinds, so you can be more informed about which option is best for you.

The pros of custom made blinds

Custom made roller blinds offer many benefits, including:

  • They are customised to perfectly fit to your window. To fit your roller blind within your window opening is considered a more aesthetic choice as it displays the decorative window trims. To get the same look with a ready made roller blind you’ll likely need to have it cut down – which has drawbacks in itself. If you choose to cut down a ready made roller blinds, the edges will fray as they’ve not been professionally cut. If you manage to fit it inside, you’ll likely have larger light gaps on the edges as ready made blinds are not made to fit exactly. Window sizes can vary quite a bit.
  • Custom made blinds are manufactured to Australian Safety Standards, which will ensure protection for you and your family.
  • Most of our fabrics feature GreenGuard Gold certifications and are tested to Australian standards, making them great for asthmatics as they will emit less VOCs when compared to ready made roller blinds.
  • My Direct Blinds has on offer many different choices of fabrics to better customise your roller blinds and this will ensure you get the best look for your home. We only offer premium components that come with a 5 year warranty.
  • You’ll be able to see free samples of the colour and texture in your own home before purchasing, making sure the style fits with the rest of your home décor.
  • Custom made blinds are high quality and durable and come with a guarantee for installation and material with 5 years.
  • Custom roller blinds come with a wide range of options, so you can tailor your choice to suit your personal preferences. Customizable options include UV blocking aka sunscreen fabric, blockout, light filtering fabrics, mechanical controlling via chain or cordless options, programmable timers via smart hub motorisation options, voice controlled blinds, rubber inserts on base rails, larger tube upgrades, chain upgrades and a massive range of colours and textures in not only the fabrics available but also the components and base rails. We only use Australian engineered components, that are simply put much more sturdy and long lasting.
  • They can be made to fit any dimension, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right fit for your excessively large or small windows.
  • The price point of our custom made blinds is not too different from ready made roller blinds.

The cons of custom made blinds

The only con to keep in mind when choosing custom made blinds is that it’s a more time-consuming process. You will need to allow time to choose your design then await the manufacture and installation of your blinds. With My Direct Blinds this is typically a 12-20 working day process.

The pros of ready-made blinds

Buying ready made blinds offers several benefits, including:

  • Ready made blinds are quick and easy to find and buy. All you need to do is go to a blind store, find the ones you like that fit your requirements and you can purchase them instantly.
  • You can install ready made blinds yourself, which means you can put them up as soon as you’ve bought them home. However keep in mind, that you shouldn’t skimp on your home – ready made blinds often have a tacky feel to them. The fabric often V’s and is not made to last a long time either.
  • They often present a slightly cheaper option, although My Direct Blinds offers custom blinds at factory direct prices for a more affordable customised option.

The cons of ready-made blinds

The cons associated with buying ready made blinds are significant, mainly:

  • You are limited in the size and style you can select. If a shop doesn’t have the colour, size or texture you like, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to either accept blinds that aren’t completely to your liking or continue hunting until you find a store that sells the right blinds, which can be a lengthy and frustrating process.
  • Quality is not assured with ready made blinds, so you can never be fully confident that the product you’re receiving will last.
  • Aesthetically & functionally they are often inferior, the fabric may V or fade in a short peroid of time. The base rails are often small round tubes without enough weight in them to keep your fabric properly taught. Over time the fabric will pucker as the base rail design is inferior.
  • Fabrics are often cheaper, and thinner – may emit harmful VOC’s. There are no standards to adhere to when the blinds are made overseas.

Our verdict – Which is the better choice?

When considering the pros and cons of both custom made and ready made blinds, choosing custom blinds is the clear winner. Custom made blinds can be a little pricier and you have to wait a bit longer, but this process ensures you do it right once and don’t have to think about it again, and in our view the price point is not vastly different. The result will be a high-quality product that perfectly fits your window, using a texture and colour you love that compliments the rest of your home design.

Purchasing ready made roller blinds from Bunnings or Spotlight for the most part is an inferior solution for your window coverings as outlined above. Although these stores both also sell custom made roller blinds, we’re able to beat them on price, quality, and customisation.

Yes. All of our blinds are Australian made, and are manufactured locally in Melbourne. With the exception of our Plantation Shutters.

Due to the way roller blinds are manufactured, they only take approximately 10-15 minutes to assemble. Because of this small amount of time to make the blind, the cost difference between locally produced and overseas produced roller blinds is often on par or cheaper to manufacture when taking international shipping into account. This is why most window furnishings are still made in Australia.

By buying Australian made blinds you’re supporting local jobs and keeping the money in circulation within Australia to boost our local economy instead of off shore.

There are other benefits as well. For example, if anything happens with your blinds such as made to the wrong measurements – problems can be easily rectified in a short turnaround time of a few business days as opposed to waiting a long time for overseas custom made blinds.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, overseas made roller blinds will take 7+ weeks to arrive vs locally made blinds that have a shorter turnaround time.

Our roller blinds are made from scratch, to your measurements. We certainly do not cut down ready made blinds or sell ready made blinds as in our opinion they are an inferior solution.

You can read more about what D.I.Y. is on Wikipedia.

The term stands for “Do it yourself”. ‘DIY’.

It has essentially been associated with consumers primarily in the domain of home improvement and maintenance activities. It’s where people undertake home improvement and various other small craft and construction projects as both a creative-recreational and cost-saving activity.

In terms of our roller blinds, DIY will mean you measure and install the blinds yourself instead of having a company do it for you.

By ‘doing it yourself’, you will save on the costs associated with having someone come into your home to measure for you, and installer costs. You’ll save quite a bit, and it’s not hard at all. We’re here to help you every step of the way too.

Our blinds are easy to measure and install. You don’t have to be a professional to do it.

Double Roller Blinds are a unique fixture in today’s Australian homes. They fill a dual purpose by ensuring day and night time privacy. During the day they can either obstruct unsightly views or allow you to see outside without the glare. Choose from a blockout, screen or a light filtering fabric.

Double Roller Blinds will also protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays during the day ensuring they will not fade. Our quality custom made double roller blinds are sold at unbelievable prices, see for yourself by entering your measurements on the product page.

Not only will our custom made day and night blinds fit perfectly, they will not pucker and crease and we back that up with our extensive 5 year warranty. Shop online today no matter what city you’re from (Melbourne, Sydney… anywhere in Australia!). Our dual roller blinds are incredibly easy to measure and install, save up to 70% on RRP’s with our factory direct prices.


!5 year Warranty



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