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Product Warranty are proud to extend a 5 Year Warranty on all of our custom-made home furnishing products. All custom-made products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty includes all materials (eg. Chain Drives, Aluminium Tubes), mechanisms (cord locks and tilts gears) and components (brackets, wands, caps, etc.) which make up the blind or shade. In the event a custom-made product is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, or we have made the product at incorrect measurements than what you supplied – we will, at our discretion, repair, supply replacement parts or replace the product which fails to conform to this warranty.


A summary of what our warranty covers:

Supply of Components (like or similar), Cords, and Blind Accessories: 5 Years

Motorisation Remote Controls: 12 Months

Hardwired Motors: 5 Years

Battery Motors: 3 Years


Transport of spare parts, motorisation and accessories to and from our facility: Free for the initial 12 months of the warranty after the purchase date. After the initial 12 months, the customer is responsible for delivery and/or return transportation costs of spare parts, motorisation and accessories. Packaging costs are not included. In some circumstances, we may need the original part returned for inspection or to claim warranty on the part from our suppliers.

Transport of blind to and from our facility: At our discretion, should we deem it necessary that the entire product needs to be returned, and/or determine a blind repair can only be performed at our manufacturing facility, we will cover the transportation costs of the blind from our customers to our premises, and vice versa for the initial 12 months of the warranty. After the initial 12 months, the customer will cover the two-way transportation cost of the blind back to our premises and back.

Parts Replacement & Repair Labour: As we are a DIY supplier, we will at times request that the end customer attempt to replace or repair products with our instruction, unless the repair can only be performed at our manufacturing facility. In the event the blind needs to be returned to be repaired in our facility, and the fault is a warranted issue, we will cover the labour expenses involved to repair the blind, as well as any materials and parts needed for the initial 12 months of the warranty. After the initial 12 months, labour to repair the blind will be charged an hourly rate should it be deemed necessary to be returned or if the customer requests that we handle the repair or replacement of parts. At our discretion, the customer must make themselves and the premises where the blinds are installed available for an onsite visit by a professional blinds repairer. Packaging costs are not included.

We will to the best of our ability advise our customers on how to repair their blinds or swap out any part of the blind should it be needed and if it is possible to be done so without the need for specialised equipment at our manufacturing facility. This will usually be requested for fast simple fixes such as, and not limited to: Swapping a chain drive out of the roller blind, taking the blinds down to troubleshoot, replacing a chain, sliding a new base rail on, replacing a rubber part used in motorisation, replacing a slat pin on shutters, etc. In doing so the customer will benefit by not having to wait to return their item or wait for a repair.

Alterations and Repairs by customer: We will not be held liable for any accidental product damages the customer may incur if they choose to attempt a repair or replacement of a part, or subsequent damages that could occur with the failure of a replaced part or product not installed correctly by the customer. This could be the result of, but not limited to failing to follow replacement instructions given. will supply the customer with instructions (written or verbal) on how to replace parts where necessary and advise on any potential issues to be aware of to the best of our knowledge at the time.  At any point if the customer is unable to or does not agree to make repairs for warranty issues within the initial 12 months with our help, we may offer an alternative solution.

Installation, Removal of Product, and other Associated Damages: Under no circumstances do we cover the costs involved with installation, removal, or any associated damages that the customer may perceive with the blinds being nonoperational or removed and installed at any point under warranty. Such as, and not limited to: Damages to property and surrounds in removal and installation of the product, costs of installers and professional tradespeople involved in the process, inconvenience, or loss of income and/or revenue the customer may encounter due to delay in the blinds being repaired, delays in parts or any related factory backlogs and transport delays. As a DIY supplier, we assume our end customer handles the installation and removal of products.

Disposal of replaced products and parts: Not included.

This warranty does not cover any product which fails due to accident, alterations, misuse, abuse, misapplication, improper handling, improper installation, improper operation or cleaning, and normal wear and tear (examples: normal fabric fraying and loss of colour intensity from prolonged use, front rolled blinds will be more prone to fading due to the front of the fabric being exposed to the sun, exposure to salt air, damage from insects or pets, or blinds falling from their brackets due to not being properly installed level or secured when fitting). Roller blinds will need to be checked periodically and at installation to ensure there is no telescoping, a common problem that may occur with any roller blind. This is mainly caused by improper installation. Roller blinds need to be installed level and the installer will need to ensure that it is tracking correctly on the tube, the blind should sit properly secured within the brackets. To correct issues with telescoping please view this page. Failure to do so may mean the fabric could be damaged along the side due to it hitting the edge of the chain drive, and this is not covered under warranty as it is an installation issue.

Please note that colour may vary from lot to lot on some styles, and that we can discontinue certain styles and colours overtime. On discontinued items, we reserve the right to substitute warrantied product with the nearest colour or style of equivalent or greater value. On current products, we will make every effort to match current style and colour. In the event that the warrantied product is not repairable, and cannot be replaced with the original style and colour (i.e. discontinued), it will be replaced free of charge with the closest available product.

An original invoice or sales receipt will be needed for to process the warranty claim.

The warranty is valid for all manufactured products. To activate this warranty, the purchaser must contact to initiate the warranty process. At our discretion, reserves the right to request extra payment for any transportation costs should the customer reside in an out of regular servicing area, such as remote areas – due to transport costs being prohibitively high and/or our regular carriers not servicing the area for pickup.

We will first request photos or attempt to troubleshoot before requesting the return of the product, we will not be liable if the customer returns the items to our premises without contacting us first, and the items are lost or damaged in transit. We do not cover any damages in transit of the items returned under warranty.

Wood blinds and natural woven shades are made from natural materials. As such, the following are to be considered as naturally inherent characteristics: variations in colour, grain and texture, natural markings (knots, mineral deposits, etc.), minor bowing or warping of slats, and natural materials. In addition, excessive warping of wood blinds or natural woven shades is excluded if installed in a high humidity area.

Any product over 4.8 metres in width are not covered by this warranty. Timber and PVC Venetians larger than 5 square metres are not covered by this warranty.

Basswood Shutters are not warranted for wet areas. Please opt for PVC Plantation Shutters in wet areas.

Plantation Shutters are structurally covered for 5 years

Any blinds ordered outside of the recommended maximum width and drop sizes are not covered by this warranty. These can easily found on the products order page.

Fabric Bagging or ‘V’ing on Roller Blinds. Although our blinds generally do not do this, on larger blinds, especially screens will show fabric bagging or wavering. The width of the blind as well as the weight of screen fabric contribute to this effect. Screen/Holland blinds wider than 2500mm and/or longer than 3000mm are more likely to bag. We do our best to resolve this by using 50mm large tubes, however it is simply not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of this occurring. To reduce this effect, consider splitting the blind into several linked blinds on your larger blinds. This phenomenon is not covered by warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable.

Please note that the purchaser has 30 days of receipt of goods to report any marks, holes, scratches or defects on the cloth or product. This type of claim will be evident from the first time you put up the blinds or curtains and will not be a defect that evolves overtime.  No claims for marks, holes, scratches or defects on the cloth or product after that date, will be accepted and will be considered misuse or general wear and tear.

Recommended BMAA Industry Guideline for Faults:

The acceptable guideline for imperfections, marks, dots etc. on completed product is (30 days after receiving product, anything after this date will be considered general wear and tear):

  • If an imperfection is visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres, it is not acceptable.
  • If an imperfection is not visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres it is acceptable.
  • Minor colour variations may occur between any colour swatch supplied and the order received, as the colour swatch is a guide only, this includes paint, stain and lacquers.

The purchaser has 30 days from the date of delivery of the product to notify if they are missing slats, blinds, brackets or any other portion of their order. After this time frame, the order will be considered 100% delivered to the customer.


The guarantee is simple, we will replace or repair at our expense shutters with manufacturing defects.

Our guarantee does not cover the following:

  • The expected behaviors listed further below
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Colour intensity over time
  • Incorrect measuring or ordering (such as failing to check your windows for squareness such as in our measuring instructions)
  • Accidental damage and insurable events
  • Overexposure to moisture
  • Damage to premises or any other damages during installation
  • Use of silicon based sprays
  • Use of abrasive cleaning products
  • Incorrect installation
  • Any other labour, service, freight back to us, installation, or removal costs incurred
  • For cosmetic defects whether it be function or cosmetic, are defined as above in the BMAA guidelines. These will be evident within the first 30 days, anything after that is considered general wear and tear.
  • Polymer shutters are an extruded PVC material, due to the way they are formed – some small amount of shutters may have very minor aesthetic imperfection such as a 1 mm pin hole depression (very rare), or paint and join imperfections on the joints of the mid rails that are only visible at a very close distance, these are not considered faults or defects with the product and will not subject you to a warranty claim.

What to expect for your shutters

With an aluminum core for strength, PVC shutters are heavy. It is common, even when professionally installed, for this kind of shutter to drop slightly when opened and for the foot of the shutter to make contact with the bottom of the frame when closed. The shutter may have to be lifted slightly to be closed back into the frame. This behavior is considered normal and, as such, cannot be the subject of a warranty claim.

Shutters blades are joined by a hidden tilt rod and all move together when any single blade is opened and closed. Particularly on tall panels, closing the blades of a shutter by turning a single blade may not completely close every other blade. You may need to turn more than one blade to close them the last millimeter or so. This behaviour is considered normal and, as such, cannot be the subject of a warranty claim.

Outside mounted shutter frames have cover strips. Fitting cover strips is the final step in shutter installation and are used to hide mounting screws from view. Cover strips are held in place by friction alone – they may, from time to time, need to be pushed back into the frame. If you find that your cover strips are frequently falling out, please contact us, we’ll be happy to send you some double sided tape. We recommended a White Indoor mounting tape. This behaviour is considered normal and, as such, cannot be the subject of a warranty claim.

Professionally installed shutters on perfectly square, unbowed windows will generally stay open by themselves. However, few windows are perfectly square or installed and even professional installers will sometimes struggle to prevent shutters from hinging closed by themselves. It is our experience that once installed, very few shutters are regularly opened other than for cleaning. If you are having trouble with closing panels you can try to bring the bottom of your shutter frame forward slightly, although we generally would not advise it. This behaviour is considered normal and, as such, cannot be the subject of a warranty claim.

For minor cosmetic issues, such as scratches from general use over time, & wear and tear, you may be able to source touch up paint.

Shutters are manufactured to your exact window dimensions – every shutter is unique. Shutter blades are a fixed size (89mm) and must be evenly distributed in order to operate and look perfect. To achieve this distribution, the size of your shutter’s top and bottom rails, and the position of your midrail, may vary.

Shutters are manufactured with a midrail position tolerance of +/- 40mm. The midrail itself is always 82.5mm high (meaning the variance is generally unnoticeable). By request, the position of a single midrail can be manufactured exactly, however if your shutter has two midrails, they cannot both be ordered in ‘critical’ positions.

To achieve a perfectly manufactured shutter panel, the top and bottom rail of your shutters can vary in height between 85mm and 148mm. This means that if you have multiple shutters of different height in the same room, the top and bottom rails may be slightly different sizes.

This Guideline does not override any rights under Australian Consumer Law

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and limitations, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. No employee of has the authority to increase or alter the obligation of this warranty.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Cancellation Policy

Because the items are custom made, once the order is put into production at the factory, we are unable to cancel your order. Please contact us within the first 24 hours after placing your order if you need to cancel or change anything about your order, we might not always be able to process a cancellation request because this window varies significantly.

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