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Cassette Roller Blinds

Full blockout roller blinds

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Our roller blinds can be operated in three ways:

1. Chain Operated 2. Motorised 3. Zero Gravity Cordless Spring

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What are Cassette Roller Blinds?

Our cassette roller blinds feature a full enclosure headbox, side channels and bottom channel to effectively achieve full blackout of all light. You have the option to choose from the full cassette enclosure, top and sides only, sides and bottom only, or top cassette headbox only depending on your budget and specific needs.

What are Cassette Roller Blinds used for?

Any room where you will need to need to reach 100% full blockout. They’re perfect for nurseries, kid’s rooms, bedrooms, cinema and theatre rooms. Any area that some light seeping through your regular blinds might not be acceptable, these are a great choice.

Can I adapt the Cassette System or Side Channels to my existing roller blinds?

No, they’re suited to our Sunboss system, and must be made at the same time as your roller blinds are manufactured as certain deductions are made to the roller blinds, as well as the base rail being made shorter to fit within the cassette side channels. You can order the cassette system after the fact and retrofit onto our Sunboss system if you have a Left, Top, & Right configuration (no bottom channel).

Where can I order or find the Cassette Roller Blinds?

On the roller blind category page, you’ll find the cassette product, as well as the blockout blinds category. You’ll need to order your roller blind and cassette separately at the same time, we’ll match them up by your measurements and window names.

Are Cassette Roller Blinds easy to install?

Yes, we have an easy-to-follow animated installation video.

Do your Cassette Roller Blinds suit exterior applications?

Our roller blinds are suited for indoor applications. We are working on outdoor zip track blinds to be introduced onto our website soon.

Can I fit the Cassette inside the window opening?

Our cassette roller blinds can be fitted in the inside of the window opening and on the outside as a face fit. However, these are generally designed and best suited for face fitted applications for the best light block. If you are recess fitting, there will be gaps between the channels and the edge of your window that you’ll have to fill. Due to the roller blind having to be under rolled, often you won’t have enough space within the opening due to obstructions such as a winder winder, or locks.

What options to I have to operate the roller blind?

You can choose from chain operated, motorised, or hand operated with our cordless zero gravity spring system.

What if I need it over a wide door or window?

Our cassette system can easily be linked together and used with our linked blinds system. See images.

Are roller blinds with side tracks a good option?

Of course! Roller blinds with side tracks, or side channels and our cassette headbox are one of the best ways to achieve full blockout. You can read all about the benefits of fitting your roller blinds with side tracks or side channels below.


The Benefits of Cassette Roller Blinds

Light blockout

Cassette style blinds are perfect for blocking out light and will darken your room when rolled down, they are 100% blockout. This is why they make the perfect choice for nurseries, kid’s rooms, bedrooms, cinema rooms, or any areas where light seepage could cause problems for you. Our cassette system features a full enclosure system, whereas others do not. We have a bottom channel that the base rail slots into.


Cassette style blinds also offer insulation benefits, as the additional coverage creates a barrier between your windows and outside. This extra insulation means that your home will be better regulated temperature wise throughout all seasons of the year. This can have a positive impact on your energy bill as you won’t have to use air and heating systems as often.

Privacy control

With the added benefits of a cassette header and side channels, it’ll be virtually impossible for people outside to look into your home. Other blinds may have weak points from the side, cassette blinds can be fitted with side channels to block all viewpoints.

Protects the fabric

A cassette system can help stop dust and gunk from forming on your blinds and are a great low maintenance option. The cassette headbox will keep the blinds dust free when rolled it up, which makes them a great choice for those suffering from allergies.

Attractive and sleek

Cassette roller blinds make for an attractive window covering solution for every style of décor. Our cassette headbox and side rails come in three popular colours: Anodised (Silver), White, and Black. Our headbox design is made for today, in a modern square profile.

Perfect for media rooms

Creating the ultimate media room can be a process. Cassette roller blinds are the perfect choice. A cinema room is a wonderful haven for a family but typically needs some consideration to get sorted. This may include buying a sound system, new television, buying some recliner seating, and lastly – not neglecting the window. Cassette roller blinds also have the potential to be motorised, meaning you can lower and close the blinds from the comfort of your own seat. With our DIY battery motors, you don’t even have to call on an electrician to get them installed.

Ideal for a good nights rest

Like cinema rooms, a bedroom needs a solid window covering for a good night’s sleep. Cassette roller blinds are an important choice for shift workers, and nurseries, or anyone who wants to sleep in. Though stylish, many contemporary blinds and shutters don’t offer the same light restriction that cassette roller blinds do. A cassette roller blind will effectively shut out all light with our full enclosure cassette system.

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Just after aesthetic? Try our Fascia’s

A roller blind cassette with side channels is a full enclosure system, with a roof to help stop light seepage. If you’re after just an aesthetic solution, we also offer decorative fascia’s. They appear similar to a cassette headbox, but don’t feature a roof or full enclosure. A Facia can be a more cost effective solution if you don’t need the full blockout function of a cassette and side channel system. A Facia’s aluminium profile will be purely for decorative functionality, covering your roller blind hardware. Available on the roller blind ordering page.


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