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With Interior Design, it can be very overwhelming as trends seem to change from month to month. We want to make sure you can stay on top of these, so we’ve curated a huge list of amazing interior design blogs where you can gather inspiration from!

Our list of bloggers will cover everything imaginable, from classic to modern trends, including DIY advice and more!

Here is our list (that we’ve randomised! We don’t have an order or favourite, you’re all special):

Young House Love – Sherry and John

Run by a beautiful husband and wife team, Sherry and John – Young House Love seems to provide us with everything we need. The couple have renovated an impressive five homes, and they have a book “Young House Love” under their belt. Did we mention it was a New York Times besteller? If you’re looking to see what the best houseplants are, or you’re looking for all round interior design tips, then look no further. If you’re in the market for some goodies then keep in mind the dynamic duo also have a lighting collection, and a line of rails and hooks, and a colouring book! Tune in to their pod cast to find out what they’re up to next.

The Organised Housewife – Katrina Springer

If you’re looking for a guide to smarter living, then stop by The Organised Housewife’s amazing blog. You will find decluttering tips, meal plans, dish washing tips, just to name a few. It’s a DIY’ers dream. Katrina will help you live the happier, smarter life you deserve.

Mad About the House – Kate Watson Smyth

Kate is an interiors journalist who has written for major publications such as The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Financial times, and that’s just to name a few. Her impressive resume is extensive, the lady has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Corriere della Sera, Heart Home magazine, and Living etc. If you haven’t already, check out her blog Mad About the House, it’s just as impressive as her resume, we promise. Our bio on Kate really doesn’t do her any justice, she is very dedicated to interior design, make sure you stop by.

The Design Chaser – Michelle Halford

If you love Scandinavian design and interiors, then this blog is the one to follow. We absolutely love her taste, the blogs owner Michelle Halford is an interior designer, but we think whatever she chooses to do, she will be great at it. The talented lady posts about the latest interior design trends, amazing homes, and much more. We actually follow her blog on the regular to draw inspiration from.

Apartment 34 – Erin Hiemstra

Need inspiration to venture outside? Pop onto Erin’s blog and see what modern living has to offer, she shares decor, style, cooking, travel and entertaining advice. All these things combined make her blog just a joy to follow. 

The Interiors Addict – Jen Bishop

A former magazine editor and journalist, Jen Bishop didn’t really come from a design background. That didn’t stop her from entering the interior design scene. She was already great at creating content that vibes with her readers, and she combined that with things she liked from the interiors world. The result is her amazing blog, well she doesn’t quite describe it as such. She calls it more of a news site with her own personalised touch.

The Design Files – Lucy Feagins

Lucy Feagins is a stylist from Melbourne. Since we’re also based in this beautiful city, we didn’t think our list would be complete without her addition. She founded her website The Design Files in 2008 and grew it to what it is today (and did we mention fast!). She and her team are able to capture amazing interiors, whether it be through photography, videos or feature posts you will always find something unique and original, visit their blog to be inspired.

Décor8 Blog – Holly Becker

Okay, Okay, Okay. We said we weren’t doing favourites, and this list is randomised but, this blog is one of the best. Definitely within the top 5 (in the world). It is run be a multi award-winning expert in interior design Holly Becker. You will find everything from house tours, to design advice. Every post is unique and you can tell a lot of time, effort and love goes into every article. We’re sure once you visit, you’ll keep returning because they share only the best interior design content… we have decor8 pinned on our taskbar!

Apartment Therapy – Maxwell Ryan

This amazing home and decor blog is a great source of design inspiration and tips. If you want to see how everyone else styles their own homes, then this website is for you. You will find so many examples that you won’t be short of inspiration. ‘House Tours’ are our favourite feature at Apartment Therapy. So if you’re after a real-life decor solution then take a gander.

Trendir – Tania Karpova

If you’re looking for a place to chat with others then pay attention to Trendir. Tania’s blog features an amazing community, just like that interior design and decor companion in your life that you’ve always been missing. You’ll find them sharing perfect DIY tips and tricks, allowing their readers to better personalise their spaces.

Yellowtrace – Dana Tomic Hughes

Dana’s amazing blog will keep you updated on new design trends on the daily. Yellowtrace was founded by established editor Dana Tomic Hughes, she’s a self confessed design “tragic” – what she herself calls quite the unhealthy passion for an interior designer. For anyone serious about design stop by Yellowtrace, her blog is beautifully curated, she’s a real class act.

Coco Kelley – Cassandra LaValle

Cassandra’s blog only curates the most stylish and fresh ideas. The topics she writes on will mainly include interiors, travel, food, parties, fashion and even tabletops! Life is in the details, at least this is what Cassandra preaches, and also why her blog only showcases the very best in design. If you’re after sophistication, then stop by her website.

Home Stratosphere

If you’re in the mood for inspiring design, architecture and landscaping then you absolutely need to visit Home Stratosphere. Upon visiting, we did not know which posts to read first. It was a real sensory overload, totally inspiring content.

Lark and Linen – Jacquelyn Clark

We’re totally obsessed with interior designer Jacquelyn Clark’s style and taste. Her blog features home tours, and the products she can’t live without. Lark and Linen is a brilliant name choice, Kudos.

Fall for DIY – Francesca Stone

You’re going to Fall for DIY. Francesca will teach you all about how to do things yourself, she’s ecstatic to share all of her great ideas and various projects from around the design sphere. Everything she shares is on trend, she always inspires readers with her craftiness. You’ll be surprised to learn all of the things you can accomplish, and just how much money you can save by reading about her DIY hacks.

Coco Lapine Design – Sarah Van Peteghem

Belgium designer Sarah Van Peteghem’s blog features the most chic Scandi interiors and home decor trends. All you’ll see on Instagram these days is Scandi style, and we really can’t get enough of it. We hope it stays around for a long time, head on over to her blog to see her lovely contributions.

Cococozy – Coco

Coco is a interiors blogger and furniture designer, at least that’s what her blog will have you think. She’s also a Los Angeles executive, which makes her all the more impressive. Her blog Cococozy is very popular, so much so that Katy Perry and design great Jonathon Adler named her as one of their favourite interior design blogs in their InStyle magazine article. Coco curates and shares design inspiration. We think you shouldn’t waste time, head on over there pronto!

Happy Interior Blog – Igor Josifovic

Happy Interior Blog’s founder Igor Josifovic always manages to bring the interior-related content that his readers (and us!) fiend for. Happy Interior Blog is definitely amongst our favourite design blogs. Igor really knows how to make your home a stylish one, he’ll teach you things like how to make a statement hallway entrance, or how to use creative wall art. Oh, did we mention his blog even has a separate section on just plants? Stop by and take a look.

Mom Blog Society – LaDonna Dennis

For those that haven’t stopped by Mom Blog Society, we suggest you do so ASAP. LaDonna brings a wealth of knowledge for women (and even men) to consume. She posts about anything from kitchen essentials to interior design trends – she’s got you covered on all fronts. Save it in your bookmarks because we pretty much guarantee you’ll be visiting there on the regular.

Artsy Chicks Rule – Nancy

Artsy Chicks Rule is a nickname given to her by her husband, which we think is really sweet. Her blog really shows her passion for her craft, it’s all about painting, thriftiness, and decorating on a budget. Check out her blog to see all of her brilliant ideas, she’s happy to share them with all of you.

Style Curator – Gina Ciancio

Style Curator is a truly fantastic blog. The blog was started by Gina Ciancio, and alongside interior styling has now become her full time job. Style Curator features design inspiration and regular style updates. Many of her articles feature upcoming influencers or artists within the design world.

TLC Interiors – Chris Carroll

TLC Interiors is an interior design studio by Chris Carroll. He’s a stylist and a decorator. You’ll also find a homes blog on his website, he’s happy to share his knowledge with you. As he is an industry expert, you can really gain some valuable decorating tips by visiting his blog. TLC Interiors features articles about in trend styles, colours, and much more.

Dear Designer – Carole King

What started as a hobby for Carol King, fast grew into her passion. All of the time invested writing for her blog totally paid off in a big way. Dear Designer is now considered one of the top five interior design blogs within the UK. You’ll find posts on all things within the interiors world, most featuring fabulous home profiles.

My Thrifty Life – Cassie Fairy

Cassie has found a multitude of ways on how to save money. Visit her blog to discover what you’ve been missing your entire life. Learn how to do budget DIY projects, sewing projects, low-cost recipes and much more. Cassie will help you find harmony within your home, and your wallet.

#TIDYLIFE | Antonia Ludden

Tidy Away Today or #TIDYLIFE is a blog from the talented and beautiful Antonia Ludden. (Mum of three boys, interiors enthusiast, the list goes on!). Stop by her website and you’ll find tonnes of design ideas, impressive home wares and lifestyle inspiration. We’ve bookmarked it, so should you.

Fresh Design Blog | Rachel Newcombe

Rachel Newcombe’s Fresh Design Blog is all about contemporary interior design. You’ll find decorating ideas for both your home and garden. We really appreciate just how easy the blogs content is to apply to your own living areas. – Cate St Hill

Cate lives and breathes design. Visit her fantastic website, everything is laid out perfectly for you. Fair warning though, you might get addicted. Her blog inspires her readers to create a living space that reflects your personality. You’ll find just about everything there.

Sustainable Home Hub – Helen Edwards

Helen’s amazing blog is something you need to check out if you care about the environment. Here at My Direct Blinds, we try our best to recycle and reuse our samples, employ solar arrays on our manufacturing facility and try to reduce our carbon footprint – so we were ecstatic to see a home blog focused on this. Helen is happy to show you how to be more green, on top of this she was in the running for an Australian of the year award for her web based consulting service. She’s actually a doctor, impressive.

Undercover Architect – Amelia Lee

Helen’s amazing blog is something you need to check out if you care about the environment. Here at My Direct Blinds, we try our best to recycle and reuse our samples, employ solar arrays on our manufacturing facility and try to reduce our carbon footprint – so we were ecstatic to see a home blog focused on this. Helen is happy to show you how to be more green, on top of this she was in the running for an Australian of the year award for her web based consulting service. She’s actually a doctor, impressive.

Dig This Design – Patricia Davis Brown

Patricia Davis Brown, an experienced interior designer has over 32 years of experience within the design-o-sphere. She’s a certified kitchen and bath designer, her blog Dig This Design is chock full of deals, tips and design insights. We suggest you check her brilliant work out.

House Nerd – Maya Anderson

House Nerd founder Maya Anderson is obsessed with other peoples homes. Her slogan literally is ‘Peeping into People’s places’, I personally wouldn’t mind it’s entirely design related! Maya is totally obsessed with houses, it does not matter what type of home it is. Maya shares her DIY tips, cool places to shop, favourite renovations and she also graciously covers people in the industry who are leading the way.

Interior Style Hunter – Grant Pierrus

Grant Pierrus runs an award winning London based luxury lifestyle and interior design blog. Interior Style Hunter needs to be seen as we don’t think any words can describe just how amazing his blog is. Grant’s talent comes to him naturally, a gifted eye for interior design and elegant style. Stop by and see for yourself.

Hadley Court – Leslie Wood

Hadley court features timeless designs, family tradition, and elegant living. The name of her blog is inspired by their ancestral summer home. Her blog has a lot of passion put into it, you need to definitely check it out.

Apartment Number 4 – Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson’s stylish blog shows you how to create a beautiful home, it’s chock full of affordable home decor ideas, styles, and DIY projects. Apartment Number 4 stands apart in the crowd due to it targeting renters. Just because you are renting does not mean you have to make any compromises, Apartment Number 4 demonstrates that.

All Sorts Of – Amber Lewis

All Sorts of covers a large assortment of things, from profile pieces on industry titans, to styling how-tos and much more making All Sorts a great blog for any person into design, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. You will find a vast amount of timeless inspiration and information on these topics, making this one of our favourite’s. One thing is for sure, Amber is very talented – she is also the founder of Amber Interiors, a Los Angeles based interior design studio known for her California inspired aesthetic.

Segreto Finishes – Leslie Sinclair

Segreto is a boutique design firm and My Direct Blinds has been a fan of their work for a while now. We draw inspiration from their stylish chic interiors. Be sure to check out their blog, but please be careful as you might find yourself wanting to do a complete renovation of your home after seeing their brilliant work.

Sunday Collector – Briar Stanley

If you check Briar Stanley’s resume, you’ll find that she’s worked on a number of films including: “The Great Gatsby”, “Australia”, “Wolverine”, “Underbelly” and “Paper Giants”. By trade she’s a prop buyer and set dresser, however he blog and her passion revolves around decorating houses. Being such an accomplished individual you can expect to be wow’ed by her shares.

From Evija with Love – Evija Roberts

Founder Evija Roberts of ‘From Evija with Love’ is considered a craft enthusiast who also has a keen eye for interior design trends. If you visit her blog you can expect shares of amazing DIY projects and even her own renovations. Stop by to level up and get some much needed inspiration.

DOT + POP – Eve Gunson

DOT + POP sounds unique, and you’ll find only unique interior designs and styling on their blog. Initially Eve only started out DOT + POP as a blog, but it eventually morphed into a fabulous interior design and styling business. For those based in Australia they also feature their very own online store. Eve operates the business together with her husband Matt, who is a registered builder. Together, they’ve got an impressive amount of renovations under their belt. Stop by their website to see all of them, they are so incredibly talented as a duo that they’ve been featured in Adore Home Magazine and Planted Magazine. You will NOT be disappointed, DOT + POP is in our top five.

Concepts and Colourways – Bobbi Edwards

As an interior designer Bobbi Edwards certainly loves colour and design. You might of noticed from their clever name Concepts and Colourways, that they mainly specialise in colour. Visit her beautiful blog, you’ll be able to explore colour palettes and design trends. This is not one to miss.

The Builders Wife – Nicole Cox

As the name suggests, Nicole is the wife of a builder. Being married to a builder she has picked up a lot of technical insight into the construction space. She enjoys sharing this information with other women on her blog The Builders Wife. Nicole is always around to answer difficult questions her readers have for her. You can find posts on renovations, design, and DIY tricks.

Karama – Hoda J

Hoda J is a woman of many trade, for the sake of her blog she’s an interior designer, and a design psychology expert. Impressive to say the least! Karama even manufactures their own fab home wares that are for sale on their website. Aside from this, you can read her tip top blog that features the latest trends, tips and DIY hacks.

The Stylist Splash – Yvette Wilson

Yvette Wilson’s ‘The Stylist Splash’ shows you interior design trends from a stylist’s point of view. Stop by her award winning blog to view her styling tips, favourite renovations, DIY projects and top products. She is known to put up and coming artists & designers in the limelight in her stories.

House Full Of Summer – Jessica Kleven

Jessica Kleven’s ‘House Full Of Summer’ is about as the name suggests. Summer is the season that can be thought of as fun, sun, relaxation and beachy vibes. Her blog shares her own home decorating stories, design and product tips. Stop by, you can’t afford to give this one a miss.

La Maison Jolie – Rani

Rani takes interior design and applies it to everyday situations that you might find useful. The design world needs an honest take to cut through the ostentatious aura, and that’s exactly what Rani’s blog does perfectly. Her Blog La Maison Jolie shows us how-to guides that almost anyone can take advantage of. For any visitors we’d like to recommend her online e-DESIGN service. Wonderful!

Skirting Boards and Chandeliers – Donna Ford

We’re really excited whenever someone shares their home online. It takes a lot of courage and confidence, but Donna Ford certainly pulls this off magnificently. Her blog Skirting Boards and Chandeliers was started initially as a place to document her renovations, but now shares everything from design, styling tips, the latest trends and DIY projects. Stop by and get a dose of goodness.

T Moore Home – Teri Moore

Teri Moore has a large number of DIY renovations under her belt, so much so that it has resulted in a figure north of one hundred thousand dollars in profits. Not bad, if you want to take her track record into consideration then you will know she’s filled to the brim with expertise in the design sphere. On her blog T Moore Home, she shares all of this with you, so do not wait get get on this pronto!

Step Inside My Handbag – Sainab

Sainab has really manifested a pearl of a blog. Step Inside My Handbag and Sainab showcases her journey in styling her beautiful home. You’ll also find fab DIY projects, and other hidden gems on her blog. She’s an inspiration and we hope you visit to see what all the fuss is about.

The Interior Editor – Maria Jones

As a talented interior designer Maria Jones has spawned ‘The Interior Editor’. Her blog showcases everything from the latest trends, brilliant DIY projects, and style tips. Maria believes your home should represent who you are, and she’s here to help you do just that.

Authentic Interior – Aida Sniraite

Another top blog, Aida Sniraite’s Authentic Interior is certainly inspiring to say the very least. There is always something interesting to read or see, the blog documents only the very best of what the design world has to offer. You’ll find amazing rooms, and trends that will keep you occupied for a long time to come. Bookmark it.

BritishStyleUK – Natalia Alexandrou

BritishStyleUK is a blog by Natalia Alexandrou, and her shares are all about perfect balance and beautiful design. She often blogs about her functional ideas, her mission is to inspire people. Check her blog out, you won’t forget it.

JENRON DESIGNS – Jennifer Gainer

Being a florist by trade, Jennifer Gainer was already around the artsy design world, naturally she found herself a graduate interior designer. She loves to share fantastic DIY projects, design ideas and recipes. Brilliant all rounder blog, make sure you are taking notes, be sure to visit JENRON DESIGNS.

The Wry Home – Elizabeth Dowling

The Wry Home is a place where decorating shortcuts and DIY skills are on full display. Elizabeth Dowling has learned how to decorate her home due to the fact that she’s had to relocate multiple times. She shares all of her brilliance on The Wry Home, make sure you check her out.

Eclectic Twist – Tina Bousu

Tina Bousu’s style is a self confessed colourful boho maximalist. It’s a real treat to see the work she shares. Tina is an interior and product stylist by trade, she’s obsessed with DIY. You can also call her a blogger and influencer as she’s made our top100 of the web’s best design blogs list. When she’s not entertaining her audience, she’s a mother of 4 (and 3 canines). Be sure to stop by her blog Eclectic Twist.

Desire to Inspire – Kim and Jo

If you love a good story then you need to hear about how this talented design duo met. One is from Canada, and the other from Australia, but a giant ocean couldn’t keep these two from collaborating. They met via online image sharing platform Flickr. Their Blog Design to Inspire showcases interior designers, decorators, architects, stylists, photographers and sometimes even their own fabulous homes. Their desire, really is to inspire. Head on over to their blog, or follow their epic Instagram accounts.

My Scandinavian Home – Niki Brantmark

As the name suggests, Scandi-design is what you can expect to be shared on Niki Brantmark’s blog ‘My Scandinavian Home’. What have learned to admire is that she always learns new ways to shuffle the minimalist trend. Originally from London, Niki moved to Sweden in 2004, the rest is history. In 2019 Niki founded her blog, she also offers an online interior design service that helps people all around the globe to transform their homes into beautiful Scandi masterpieces.

Thrifty Decor Chick – Sarah

My Direct Blinds is no stranger to bargains, we offer them on our website every day. But Sarah is a chick that beleives in them as a lifestyle. Thrifty Decor Chick is a blog that features great ways to save on DIY projects, and offers up thrifty inspiration. Sarah’s blog is a stroke of genius and it will help you with your decorating, without putting a dint in your wallet. Head on over at the double.

In My Own Style – Diane Henkler

Diane Henkler’s blog ‘In My Own Style’ is all about colour, creative and DIY projects – but as the name suggest ‘In My Own Style’. Her blog helps to educate her readers how to decorate their home with their own personal tastes. It’s a step away from the crowded space where everyone seems to be doing the same thing, but not on Diane’s watch.