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Hi, I’m Gaya.


You might of seen my work around the web.

I’ve been doing web development the moment I started to learn PHP in my free time. Not creating much, but still having a love for programming and doing creative stuff in the computer industry.
The moment I had to make a website for school I became interested in web technologies. After doing some PHP I decided it was time to launch my own website.
After a lot of versions, I began to post findings, creations and projects I made on my website.

My goal was to spread web development tricks and tips to other people.
The main purpose of my website was to share my knowledge on XHTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS with other people; sharing how-tos and writing articles on different subjects. But as with all goods things, they must come to an eventual end.

When LFE HOLDINGS PTY LTD (My Direct Blinds parent company), contacted me back in late 2015 with an irresistible offer to help build out their digital assets and join the company with an ownership stake, it was an offer I could not refuse. Web design, interior design and window furnishings shared a common ground and something I could get behind. Thus, the decision was made to end support and work on my website, I still also create websites for other people in my free time (whatever is left of it) and when not totally consumed with my new project, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about design. You can email me on gaya[at]mydirectblinds[dot]com[dot]au

Stay tuned to see us totally revamp our digital design within our company assets, a work in progress.