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Double Hinged Plantation Shutters

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What are Double Hinged Plantation Shutters?

Double hinged plantation shutters are where one shutter panel is directly hinged onto another panel. Because double hinged shutters do not feature a tracking system, they do have some size restrictions.

What are Concertina Plantation Shutters?

Concertina shutters are another name for double hinged plantation shutters. If you’re after Bi-fold plantation shutters with a track, you can select Bi-fold plantation shutters on the product category page, once we make them available. Otherwise, the double hinged shutters (without tracks) will display as a panel configuration where possible on the standard shutter product page.

What are Bi-Fold Shutters?

Double hinged shutters are technically considered bi-fold plantation shutters, as they fold out and stack to one side when opened. The main difference being is that with double hinged shutters they do not feature a tracking system to support the weight of the shutters when made to larger sizes. For sliding doors and larger windows, a bi-fold plantation shutter with a track would be better suited.

Where should I use Double Hinged Plantation Shutters?

They’re considered an aesthetic choice for people after that particular look. For double hinged shutters without a track, you’re often limited to standard windows that are not too large in height, due to weight restrictions.

Where can I order or find the Double Hinged Shutters?

The double hinged panel configurations will display on the product page when they are able to be used, based off your entered window opening width measurements. The panel configuration letters will display as LL or RR to denote a double hinged shutter.

Is there any extra cost for Double Hinged Shutters?

There is a 10% additional cost on the subtotal of the shutter.

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